or All Inclusive?

At Grandhood, we have two different pension schemes: Mix'n'Match and All Inclusive. They are both completely digital and easy to set up, so you get the same good experience, regardless of which scheme you choose. But they have some fundamental differences and therefore each has its own advantages - depending on your company’s needs. This means that you can choose the scheme that best suits your needs.

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Two schemes,
each with their own advantages

All Inclusive

Everything and everyone included.

•  Ideal for companies with 5 or more employees

•  All employees are included

•  All insurances are included

•  Not necessary for employees to provide health information

•  Economies of scale - therefore cheaper insurance

•  DKK 49/month per employee - paid by the employee


Freedom of choice

•  Ideal for companies with less than 5 employees

•  Voluntary inclusion

•  All insurances are voluntary

•  Necessary for employees to submit health information

•  Increased flexibility - can be adapted as needed

•  DKK 75/month per employee - paid by the employee

Are you in doubt about which suits you best?

If you are in doubt about which arrangement is right for you don’t worry. We have created a small questionnaire which should help you.

Answer a few simple questions and we will recommend which solution suits you best.

Did you get our digital recommendation but are still in doubt about which pension plan is the right one for you? Then give us a call at +45 71 74 74 77 and we’ll help you.

Two different schemes.
But why?

Because every company has different needs, we developed two solutions, allowing your company to choose the scheme that best suits your situation and needs.You might already know that a pension consists of both savings and insurance.

The two schemes do not differ on savings, but they do with the insurance, as well as who and how many are included in the scheme. Below we explain why this makes sense.

“We wanted to avoid long arduous meetings with a pension adviser.”

Rasmus Mathias Holm

Creative Director

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All Inclusive

Everything and everyone included

All Inclusive is the scheme where everything is included - and everyone is included. With the All Inclusive scheme, all employees in the company are part of the scheme and all our insurances are also included.

Typically, it is an advantage for companies with many employees to choose All Inclusive, as it achieves economies of scale and thus significantly lower insurance prices. Therefore, there must be a minimum of five employees in the company to qualify for the scheme. Because it is an all-digital scheme, it is less administratively demanding for you as an employer and to make things even easier, you do not have to provide employee health information. We don’t think there can be an easier way to get insurance. This also enables the individual employee to get insurances they might not ordinarily qualify for if they were to provide health information.

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Anders fra Nord Investment for Grandhood Pension

Nord.investments, provide investment solutions, founder and CEO Anders Hartmann therefore knows the importance of pensions. For this reason, he makes a pension available to all his employees.

Finematter for Grandhood Firmapension Pension

At the jewellery platform Finematter, Mie Ejdrup has chosen to give her employees a pension through our Mix'n'Match scheme.


Freedom to choose for yourself

Mix'n'Match is the freedom to choose for yourself. This means that the company itself chooses exactly who and how many employees should be included in the scheme. At the same time the employees themselves can choose which insurances they want. You therefore have the freedom to choose and adapt the scheme to your exact needs.

There is no requirement as to how many must be enrolled in the scheme, therefore it is suitable for self-employed people, or companies with fewer than five employees. And a minimum of only 3% must be contributed to the pension scheme.

For the individual employee it is an advantage to be able to choose only the insurance policies that the employee needs. In this way your employees are not forced to pay for insurance that they do not need.

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What does it cost?

And why has the industry made it so difficult to understand?

We know that prices in the pension industry are generally opaque and difficult to understand. This is because prices consist of several elements bundled together, and several of them are percentage based, which mean that breaking down the actual price is almost impossible.

Typically, the prices consist of… wait for it:

Percentage of your deposits
+ APR (annual cost as a percentage)
+ a fixed monthly amount paid by the company
+ a fixed monthly amount paid by the employee

Pensions and insurance don’t need to be difficult to understand. At Grandhood, we only speak in a language you understand.

At Grandhood, you're never in doubt about what you're paying and like you we also hate hidden fees.

No more opaque prices
and no hidden fees

At Grandhood, we want to do away with unclear pricing, with us it is easy for you to see what you are paying for. This is why you always pay a simple a fixed monthly amount and your investment costs… that is it! On top of that we do not take percentages of your deposits because we don't think you should be penalized for paying into your own pension.

At Grandhood, we never charge you a fee for any pension advice, it's completely free - and you can have as much as you need.

Because we have two different schemes at Grandhood, we also have two different prices. See them below.

Know what you pay.

It doesn't have to be difficult to know what you pay.
At least not with us.


Everything and everyone included


/month per employee

Paid by the employee


Vækstpension Index         0,58%                 Read more about Index

Vækstpension Aftryk        1,04%               Read more about Aftryk

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All Inclusive

Freedom of choice


/month per employee

Paid by the employee


Vækstpension Index         0,58%                 Read more about Index

Vækstpension Aftryk        1,04%               Read more about Aftryk

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The above amount is the cost per employee to be included in a pension scheme with Grandhood, it is not related to the company’s and employee’s own pension contribution.


If your employees wish to live after retirement as they have done all their working lives, the state pension is not enough. If they get started well in advance, they can let compound interest work for them in order to enjoy the same standard of living after retirement.

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Through a company pension scheme, you as a business owner can offer insurance to your employees cheaper than they can get anywhere else. Giving your employees security and peace of mind.

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