Insurance for the life
you live.

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Savings are for tomorrow.
Insurance is for today.

Your pension is not just savings. Your pension is also an insurance that secures your life for better and against the worst.

Grandhood offers seven different insurance policies. What they all have in common is that they ensure that the everyday lives of you and your employees will be secure and remain financially stable if the worst should happen.

We also offer several business-specific types of insurance, e.g., contractual insurance. If you are interested as to whether we have the precise insurance you need, contact us and we will help you.

The price of our insurance depends, among other things, on what you work with and how much coverage the individual employee wants. Therefore, we cannot give you an immediate price, but if you or your employees have a needs specific request, contact us and we will quickly calculate the price.

Disability Benefits

Disability benefits assists you if you as result of illness or accident have impaired ability to work and thereby lost your earning capacity. The insurance gives you a fixed monthly income. The cover is adjusted automatically in the event of salary increases, so that your total payment from the insurance and any public services taken together, cover your needs.

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Certain Critical Illnesses

If you become seriously ill, the foundations of your and your family's life can be shaken. With Certain Critical Illness cover, you can get a tax-free amount to use as you wish. For example, to pay extra expenses in connection with the illness or to sweeten your and your family's life during difficult times.

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Life insurance

If you pass away before you retire your family will receive a lump sum. In this way you ensure that your family has financial stability in the event of premature death and does not have to worry about their finances during this difficult time.

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Waiver of Premium

Waiver of Premium gives you security that your pension will still be paid into if you are unable to work due to illness or accident and you lose your income. We will take care of the payments, allowing you to take care of making everyday life go smoothly as possible.

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With health insurance, you have added security in your everyday life. You and your employees will have immediate assistance if you should be affected by illness or accident. Our health insurance guarantees you fast treatment and payment of expenses e.g., preliminary examinations, operations, and rehabilitation.

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Certain Critical Illnesses Children

Only available through All Inclusive

Certain Critical Illnesses Children works in the same way as Certain Critical Illnesses insurance, except that it is cover for your children. Should one of your children become seriously ill your family will receive a tax-free amount, that can be used exactly as you want during this difficult time.

Child annuity

Only available through All Inclusive

With a child annuity, you secure your children financially if you were to pass away prematurely. Your children will receive a monthly payment equal to a percentage of your salary until the day they turn 24.

Security for the life you live.

Security to live life today, without worrying about what tomorrow may bring.

Many people think that a pension is only savings - quite understandable, but it is more than that. Your pension is also an insurance that secures your life for better and against the worst.

None of us wants to need insurance, but all of us need it if life takes a turn for the worse. Insurance gives you security, so you can live life today, without thinking about tomorrow's worries.

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“I think it's fantastic that we as a company can come together and offer employees a wide range of insurances that would be expensive and difficult to access on their own.”

Frederik Smedegaard Dannevang

CEO & Founder

Through a company pension scheme, your company can offer your employees securitycheaper than they could get anywhere else.

We know it can be disconcerting to talk about insurance that covers illness and death. But it is important to talk about it because it will give you and your employees financial security if anything untoward happens… both for you and your loved ones.

Through a company pension scheme your company can offer your employees security cheaper than they could get anywhere else. They get access to health and accident insurance that delivers fast treatment, giving your employees the best conditions to overcome any sudden illness or injury, and allow them to return to work more quickly. That way you and your employees have the security to live life the way you want.

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When you’ve got pension with Grandhood, you’ve got pension with Velliv.

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