The pension of tomorrow

A digital pension experience tailored to the way you do business.

We know you're digital.
So are we.

We do company pensions, but not as you traditionally know them. We believe that being a pension customer should be a satisfying experience, which is why we do company pensions the way that suits you best– entirely digital.

Just because you won’t use your pension until you are older it doesn’t mean that your pension has to be old fashioned.

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"If the working conditions are not in order, I get revolving door staff"

Erik Frandsen

Captain & Owner

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without the BS

We've taken the questions you'd normally be asked by a pensions adviser and integrated them into our app. Your answers to these questions form the foundation for the personal recommendation we give you for your savings and insurance - exactly as if you were sitting face to face with a pension adviser. Just easier.

That our product is entirely digital means that you and your employees always have your pension overview close at hand. In our app, you can always see your current savings, your return, how your insurance covers and get immediate assistance if you need it. In the app you can also gather any scattered pension pots with just one click.

At Grandhood you can invest exactly the way you want. We have three investment products and investment profiles for you to choose from. And based on your answers in the onboarding flow, we give you a personal recommendation on investment profile and savings options.

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Your pension is not just savings. Your pension is also insurance. Savings are for tomorrow. Insurance is for today. And through a company pension scheme, your business can offer the security of insurance to your employees cheaper than anywhere else. Then you and your employees have security both for today and for tomorrow.

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Waiting times without the waiting

We know you want fast responses. So, that’s what you’ll get.


12 seconds

From when you dial until we answer.
In other words, faster than the average teenager.


5 minutes

Until we hit you up in the chat.
Just enough time for you to get a coffee, a quick coffee.


1.5 hours

Pension without waiting time.

"We give pensions to our employees because we want to provide them with long-term security and stability"

Jonas Skovsted-Overgaard

COO & Co-Founder


Company pension scheme
in 5 minutes


Register your company

First step is to register with your company’s NemID.


Registerer your employees

Let them download our app and do the rest themselves.


Get back to work.

Yes, it is actually that easy. Your pension plan is ready.

Get started

+100 years of expertise

We’ve built the pension of tomorrow with the support of Velliv.
Velliv is Denmark’s third largest pension company and is 100% customer owned.

When you’ve got pension with Grandhood, you’ve got pension with Velliv.

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