We have happy customers.

And we are happy about that. Because then they are willing to talk to us. A bit about pensions, but mostly about what they do to create a good workplace with well-being and happy employees.

Based on this, we have created a series of profiles of companies from various industries, of different sizes, and with different approaches to the concept of going to work. But all of them share the common goal of wanting to do something for their employees and have chosen to have their pension with Grandhood.

"We wanted to avoid tedious meetings with a pension advisor."

Rasmus Mathias Holm

Creative Director

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“Women’s pension assets are less than men’s. We will do our part to close that gap.”

Mie Ejdrup

Co-Founder & CCO

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"If the working conditions are not in order, I get revolving door staff"

Erik Frandsen

Kaptajn & Ejer

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