A new and improved Grandhood is in the making

As you might have heard, Grandhood is partering with one of the largest pension companies in Denmark, Velliv. Below you will be able to read more about the partnership and the long list of benefits it will bring to you as a Grandhood customer.

For now, you as a customer do not have to do anything. We have your back and will keep you updated and informed as we move along with the partnership.

Same flexible, voluntary and low-cost product, but now with new cool features

Gather all your pensions with Grandhood 2.0

With Grandhood 2.0 you will have the option to collect all your old pension pots with us, so you can enjoy the convenience and potential cost savings of having all your pensions in one place.

Better and cheaper insurances

In our new partnership with Velliv, you can look forward to experiencing the same great flexibility, but with new competitive insurance products that follow the person and not the company.

No ceiling on how much you can save up

Our partnership with Velliv enables us to deliver an annuity pension (livrente). For you this unlocks the posibility of saving up as much as you like. So there will no longer be any ceiling for your savings.

Introducing Grandhood 2.0

It’s everything you’ve come to appreciate about the Grandhood product; now even better! We’re convinced it will be the best pension product in the market for small and medium-sized businesses. You’ll love it!
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Learn more about our partnership with Velliv

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